Creating content using drones

These flying machines are producing not only video content but also data.

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There are various formats of content like a blog, a long-form article, a video, and so on. Each format requires a tool for the generation of content. Example: A YouTube video needs a smartphone camera at the very least.

As the world of content moves inexorably towards “ moving images” from plain text and still photographs, the video space has started to get crowded, much of it because of the mobile camera.

So how do you make your video content stand out? Drones, of course.

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Drone footage is surfacing more than ever not only on YouTube but also TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, even Pinterest. Such footage is also in use by news outfits. Influencers in certain fields like travel, real estate and technology are using it to get their fans hooked with their “over-the-top” videos.

Aerial photography adds a new dimension hitherto seen only in music videos, ad films and documentaries shot by professionals using copters, hot air balloons and assorted flying objects. They used to cost a mini-fortune to make. Now, for as little as $100 you can buy a drone, attach a video cam to it, get a 15-20 hour professional drone pilot’s license (though not mandatory), or hire a drone operator instead, and you are good to go. The outcome wows your audience, and gets you more followers, and leads. Technology is such a great leveler.

All of this has (naturally) given birth to a new breed of content providers, for now called ‘Aerial Content Creator’.

Drones allow you to:

  • tell aerial stories

  • enhance your advertising and marketing campaigns

  • help with your SEO

  • take drone selfies

  • beam ‘live’ telecasts of events

Of all the use-cases of drone videos, I found one which is rather unusual - using it on your website’s ‘About Us’ page. Picture this: Your drone captures your entire team at their workstations, then flies out the window to capture the front of your startup HQ building. Some of this can even be in slo-mo. Fun, isn’t it, and so different from the rather boring static images of the boss and his cronies.

Like driverless vehicles in transportation, drones have heralded a revolution in the world of content and marketing, and if you are not already there, it’s time you got in.

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Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay