Hello, content world

It`s about content

These days, content is about, well, everything. Content is about data (weird), content is about social media, content is “non-verbal communication” (whatever that means). Naturally, this has led to the emergence of content providers of all type.

Nine out of 10 people today claim to be a content provider (just kidding). Content is no longer only about words and writing. It`s about images, GIFs, videos, stickers, cartoons, graphics, design, artificial intelligence; even machines are learning it (pardon me if I have left out anything). Not to forget, metrics. In this topsy turvy world of content, then, to make sense of where it`s all headed is rather difficult, ain`t it? Perhaps, in the long run, this newsletter will become the pole star around which the world of content providers and receivers revolve?

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