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Everybody thinks he or she can write. Wake up and smell the coffee, buddy, not all of you can. Which means you then have the following options (a) learn what it takes to deliver a kick-ass piece of content (b) hire a content provider. This newsletter is for (a) content providers (b) wannabe content providers (c) content agencies (d) content clients. Yes, it looks at content from all 6 sides of the prism, including from the point of view of the provider and the receiver. What this newsletter`s not about: it`s not about writing fiction, it`s not about grammar lessons, it`s certainly not about SEO. It`s about the journey from ideation to writing, it`s about precise and concise writing, it`s about content as a commodity, it`s about deliverables, it`s about content trends, it`s about tips and tricks to writing the right content across sectors and form - articles, blogs, news, advertising copy, tech writing, newsletters, email writing, and anything else I may have missed here; it`s about understanding the pain of being involved with any type or form of content in any way. I, Sorab Ghaswalla, have been a journalist, author, content provider, ad copywriter, digital marketer and influencer for over 30 years, and this then is my way of giving back. (Not that I am the last word on content.) Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter. Never miss an update.

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